Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lost and washed in Cheddar

I am pretty sure when you tell people you went climbing over the weekend that is not what springs to their mind. Waking up 6am, having only had 2 hours sleep… driving for hours, getting lost in the Cheddar Gorge bushes for hours trying to find a remote ledge/crag and once you do find it, decide to forget about it since the abseil will take even longer… and after that still be glad about that :-)

Right on the 2nd route of the day, as soon as Chris had clipped the first draw, we were washed by a cold down purr… I could not imagine what would have being if we were all 3 perched on that remote ledge a few dozen meters above, how we would have being washed and the “delicate scramble up to leave the crag” would probably have become a BIT dodgy to say the least :-)  After that the whole day was then a mixture of sunny & cloudy with consecutive showers.

Had a lot of laugh with Chris and Andy but probably did not even manage to burn all the food that I had in Costa while waiting for the rock to dry.

Got home midnight having done a single short 7a on top rope… At least manage a few pictures.

C’mon Monday!

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