Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Key Strengths

After reading the Strength’s book and decided I would not spend my cash with it, the guys at work gave me a password so I could do the test and dig my 5 key strengths. Later on they sent me on a course which I cannot say was a waste of time since I was curious to see how people with similar key strengths would see them show up in their lives.

As I have no fear in my heart, here it goes, according to the test my top 5 strengths – and my sarcastic interpretation of what they mean - are:

Futuristic means I think a lot and don’t get stuff done ☺
Restorative headache seeker
Focus autistic goal oriented approach to things
Analytical inquisitive impertinent questioner of life
Self-Assurance probably stubborn as a donkey

Feel free to explore my weaknesses now...

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