Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Thought: "Why do we do What we do"

From: Murilo Lessa <murilo.lessa@>
Date: Monday, 24 March 2014 17:37
To: Dev All
Subject: Monday Thought: "Why do we do What we do"

The road to empiricism and continuous improvement is about a diligent questioning and analysis of everything we do.

The “Scrum Bible” is only 16 pages and easily digested, but as we experience, making it work right is a whole different game :-)  The are no Scrum flavours, there are no "Scrum but”s.. You either do it or don’t. Simple as that.

For those who care about people over process, here goes a PDF for bit of evening relaxation.
It worth to see what is prescribed in there and how we apply to our reality.

Have you all a great week!

This is part of my email experiment - sent every 2 weeks - with the dev team I am part of, aiming to inspire them to acknowledge and question What do we do, Why do we do it, and How do we it

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Trad in Millstone

The forecast was uncertain but hey.. it’s England right, forecasts are always uncertain. So after setting the wrong address to Bruno’s address and Alex forgetting his food at his place he finally arrived at the Peak late at night. We went camp close to Millstone, way deep into the woods to avoid any trouble. It was cold and damp but I still had an amazing sleep. Woke up very early with Alex rushing not too take too long to start climbing only to realise the rock was too cold :-)

I manage a bad style accent of Embankment 2, VS 4c (1st pitch only since the 2nd was wet). Crack climbing is not my thing although I do enjoy it. I had to stop every once in a while to try to get some feedback from my cold hands. Polar wind coming up my trousers...

On my way up Embankment 2, VS 4c

After this pre-warm up Alex decided to give a go at Shaftesbury Avenue, HVS 5b. That bit was already in the sun, the rock was not as cold but the wind was still merciless. I followed but took a while to figure out the right way to pass through the overhang.

The joys of crack climbing, Shaftesbury Avenue, HVS 5b

After that what was cold got colder and it started raining. We hid under an old construction drinking coffee and waiting to see what’s going to be. It would normally take up to an hour for the rock to "dry", we would gear up, get ready and it would start rain again.. Two times this happen, we were reaching the end of the afternoon but Alex still wanted more.

Bruno was fed up with the weather and went to the car. We stay put. At some point another break in the weather and he went for Embankment 3, E1 5b (1st pitch) which although was “sort of dry”, still looked wet. Great lead specially considering the dark clouds that were now defiantly heading our way. He got stuck in the crux but after a bit of motivation - "Alex dude, you either get it done or come down coz the rain is fucking coming now" - he finish in style just when the fat drippings started.

By the time we coil the ropes it was proper rain all the way. After a pub lunch we headed back to the woods only to be surprised by a cops car checking our car by the road. Yeah.. cannot camp in private land, nowhere to go, no b&b's with space so ... by 1am we were all back to London.

A short but intense great effort :-)

23/03/14 Embankment 2, VS 4c (1st pitch, lead OS, No rests)
23/03/14 Shaftesbury Avenue, HVS 5b (followed, with rests)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Key Strengths

After reading the Strength’s book and decided I would not spend my cash with it, the guys at work gave me a password so I could do the test and dig my 5 key strengths. Later on they sent me on a course which I cannot say was a waste of time since I was curious to see how people with similar key strengths would see them show up in their lives.

As I have no fear in my heart, here it goes, according to the test my top 5 strengths – and my sarcastic interpretation of what they mean - are:

Futuristic means I think a lot and don’t get stuff done ☺
Restorative headache seeker
Focus autistic goal oriented approach to things
Analytical inquisitive impertinent questioner of life
Self-Assurance probably stubborn as a donkey

Feel free to explore my weaknesses now...