Friday, 31 January 2014

We cannot measure productivity

"Productivity, of course, is something you determine by looking at the input of an activity and its output. So to measure software productivity you have to measure the output of software development - the reason we can't measure productivity is because we can't measure output." - Martin Fowler

Doing a bit of research for an article, I came across this post by Martin Fowler about how we cannot really measure software productivity. It is back from 2003 but feels quite fresh.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

This goes way beyond the Happiness Index

Company culture is more important that create and release quick. It protects the organisation of external shocks when going through tough times.

Company culture defines what your employees do when nobody is watching.

 What you do is a 1000x more powerful then what you say.

Happiness is the new productivity.

Present happiness + Vision of the future = State of Flow

All of us have 2 spiritual needs: Need to grow & Need to contribute.

Happiness comes from the journey, not the destination.

Your passion are breadcrumbs that leads the path to your destiny.

If happiness is not there, your impact is lost.

The 5 closest people you hang out with will average out who you will become.

People flourish on praise.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Campusing for wimps

Something I've being trying on my trainings is this: I'm very bad at campus boarding. I mean really shit. I can't barely hold myself on it and every time I decided to spend some time with this evil machine I end up getting hurt. So this time I decided to put a bit of effort into strength training but with a more conservative approach. Strength is crucial in climbing, strength training will give endurance but endurance training will not give you strength, simple as that. Plus, like it or not, at some point it all boils down to finger strength.

What I have being doing are 3 sets of 5x holding for 10s with 50s rest between the holds and 2' rest between sets. Easy and light and slowly I feel I am able to hold more and more...

I believe many campus beginners hurt themselves because they ended up trying some super pro training without enough rests in between sets, or trying hard moves for which your body is not yet prepared. You overload your fingers, don't get to finish the sets in proper form and get hurt. It can take years to properly evolve your tendons, so be gentle and not an eager silly climber. In the long run, it is better to climb smooth and non-stop, with consistency, then hard with 2, 3 months break in between injuries.

Gradually, as you get used you can increase the sets and decrease the rests once you feel your body is taking it fine, i.e. no tension on shoulders on tendons, feeling fresh after each hold. Listen to your body. Then, only after a lot of training you can consider more advanced stuff as chin-ups or going up and down the ladder. No rush. Don't hurt yourself :-) Avoid crimps as much as possible and try to get used to have your hand open as much as possible, get used to climb in a way you won't damage yourself in the future.

At the end of those short intense trainings I will always get home and ice hands, shoulders and forearms even if I don't feel any pain. The change of temperature stimulates blood flow and helps those areas to recover. I told you, this is a proper conservative training.

Very important is to remember to keep tension on your shoulders, don't just hang on them. Work on a long and light warm up, before even getting to the holds I will always do a short set of theraband exercises. You want to start on the campus feeling slightly sweaty but still fresh.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What am I reading? - now, Discover your Strenghts, Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton

now, Discover your Strenghts
How to Develop Your Talents and THose of the People you Manage
Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton

Monday, 13 January 2014

Woke up in a poet mood today...

É sempre mais fácil, continuar fazendo nada
olhar pra cima, pro lado
chorar que a vida está errada.

Quem nada de costas,

não tem barriga ralada.

In English it does not have the same effect but...

It's always easier to just keep doing nothing,
look away and to the sides,
and moan that life is bad.

When you swim on your back
you won't hurt your belly.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The 5 Why's

Technical problems are actually human problems. The 5 Why's are promised to help you surface these issues while annoying people - in a good way.. feels a bit like Plato's Dialogues under a more contemporary light :-)

Friday, 10 January 2014

BBC Documentary, Secrets of the Sales

With exclusive access to some of Britain's biggest high street chains, Cherry Healey goes behind the scenes to find out how the sales work from the inside. Worth watching it.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Feng freaking Shui for Climbing

I believe climbing or starting a climbing trip on the 1st day of the year brings more climbing all year around :-) So much so that I saw myself driving up to Scotland on yet another UKC blind date with William, a young soldier I met through one of the many forums.

I took a train to Colchester where his barrack is based, literally 100km away of any possible climbing area in UK and we soon hit the road. Cool chap, tall, and fairly young on his early 20s. The thing with climbing with young guys is that either strong or not, they are psyched wether my regular partners are getting softer by the minute. With a massive New Year hangover I tried to call and convince him to change the trip for the next day but he sounded so disappointed in running the risk of loosing the forecasted best day of the week that I had to get up and pack.

We drove all night, slept minimum miserable hours in the car and as soon as there was light started up towards Coire an t'Sneachda.

There was loads of shit powder snow and we did only one route before deciding to call it short and find a hostel to stay which turns out to be a good choice since we took the last couple of empty beds in the whole Aviemore.

02/01/14 Hidden Chimney II/III

The following day we woke up with the wind howling strong but you know these young chaps, eternally optimistic so we decided to drive up and check it out. At the ski station I could barely open the car's door so strong were the gusts, and when I did manage to leave, the wind kept punching me to the ground so we went back to bed and later on a bit of tea drinking and window gear shopping.

Following day we again woke even earlier, 5am. This time we had a promise of better weather late in the day so even though it was a miserable start (scottish miserable = pitch black, cold, gusty and raining) we hiked up socked to the bones, manage to find the crag in the whiteout and soon it did clear and I even manage to feel psyched. We did 3 lines which considering the amount of snow and digging around was quite good.

04/01/14 The Haston Line III/4
04/01/14 Opening Break IV/5
04/01/14 Hidden Chimney Direct IV/5

Sunday we woke up around 7am and since we both had family stuff going on later in the day we happily drove back to London under another miserable weather which helps in making you feel not so guilty for loosing a Sunday's day of climbing.