Tuesday, 9 April 2013

To be or not to blog?

During a lunch with a work colleague he made a good point about how one should not mix up a "work blog" with his private blog, that ideally you need a well defined space to write about work and show your stuff. You should look serious. On my opinion this place is called portfolio. A blog is still a blog whatever you try to scope into it. More then serious, you should look and be honest. Be transparent.

When you are passionate about what you do, it is a bit hard to spot the fine line between life and work. When you think of work and come up with ideas in the bed or while showering this gets even worse.. 

I am not into Facebook. I find no amuse in seeing the way people promote their lives, the trends and hoaxes people send to each other. I am not really interested if you had pizza for lunch or if you bough a new dog. Facebook for me is used as a easy way to keep track of my friends life, although sometimes they post really weird things :-) You won't find my life there although there are hundreds of photos of me on my friends posts… Thing is, I still have the same picture I've uploaded 3 years ago on my profile but like it or not, me and you all are already fully exposed by others!

Having different compartments for different posts won't hide them from Google. They will find out whatever you are trying to hide. That drinking night when you slept on the street, or the hash brownies your friends baked when mom was out?! It is all out there!

For me this is a place where I can express myself freely as well as write down my thoughts and what I have learned in a way I can easily find in the future. Is a quick way and enjoyable way for me to see the ups and downs of my previous years.

Hope that if you do spend some time here you will find something useful. If not, there is always Facebook.

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