Friday, 15 February 2013

Rjukan, Upper Gorge

It has being snowing for 2 days now, non-stop. Me, Stewart, Paul and Ben went to Upper Gorge, Stew was keen to have a look into a WI5 and Paul and Ben were going to try the classic Rjukanfossen. The path was fully covered by huge amounts of fresh snow and we had to open trail for more than an hour to get to the base of the climbs. The end of the gorge is like a huge bowl, Lipton was just in front of us and the huge walls on both sides make you feel quite humble for being in such a great place. It kept snowing on and off and at some point Paul felt into the river but just got slightly wet on his foot.

Breaking trail towards the end of the gorge

The snow was really wet and my shit quechua trousers do not help. At some point I was socked and got really cold what probably not helped in making me keen to either follow or lead any hard pitches. I am still feeling mentally tired from the last day. The face of Rjukanfossen also looks very impressive, from the distance Paul looked as a small dot making his way up the ice.

The beginning of Verdens Ende, WI5 

Stewart led the first pitch which was quite steep and with very hard old ice. At some point he placed a screw and rested for a while. The third pitch of the climb is also long and very sustained. Once up we walked all the way back to the bridge to pick up the car and return to find Paul and Ben who were just finishing their climb.

Ben and Paul at beginning of Rjukanfossen, WI4

Verdens Ende, WI5 - Stewart led first and third pitch. I did second.

Another WI5 in the bag

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