Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rjukan, Norway - There we go!

Breaking a pattern of three years this February I decided not to go to Scotland. I feel my alpine/scottish grades are now limited by my steep ice climbing ability and Scotland definitely is not the most reliable place for someone looking for good ice or reliable conditions. Fuck the long walks, fuck the miserable rain and crazy stupidly strong gusts. Fuck the lot, I'm going ice cragging!

I posted a note on UKC looking for a partner up for a full week of ice climbing anywhere, Paul wrote me offering a place in their climber's club trip to Rjukan, it seems they had 2 spare places. I accepted straight away and soon Stewart showed up and took the other place. I did not know him at that time but it happened that Stew is friend of Lee, who I went Chalk climbing sometime ago… Really crazy coincidence. "When the student is read the master will show up" so says the saying, and at some point it happened.

Rjukan there we go!

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