Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rjukan, Ozzimosis

First climbing day, we left around 8h30 and went straight to Ozzimosis area, on the way to the skip resort. Offering quick access from the city, it is a proper ice crag, 10 minutes from where we left the car we were surprised with this wall full of small waterfalls. Although this area officially does not have anything harder then WI4 (there was the column that could be climbed but we were a bit unsure about it's state) as with most ice climbing routes, you can always make it harder by choosing the steeper bits of the ice.


Just arriving to Ozzimosis area

Stewart commited on Presange, WI4

Stewart opened the week with Presangen which I got quite pumped just by following. After  it was my turn and I did the famous Ozzimosis which was quite hooky and soft but still pleasant. After that Stew did a WI3 and since we have done all the "hard" ones of the place we went for the multi pitch waterfall that was about 15 minutes walk down the road.

Rob, Mike, Paul, Sue, Stewart and Me

Start of Ozzimosis, WI4

Way up on Ozzimosis, WI4

I chose a steep start which was probably the highlight and crux of the route. The rest is mainly a walk grade WI II… still enjoyable…

First day we did:

Presangen, WI4 - follow Stewart
Ozzimosis, WI4 - led
Anakje, WI3 - follow Stewart
Armeringsjernfossen, WI3 (3 pitches) - led pitchs 1 and 3

Top of Armeringsjernfossen, WI3

The end of a nice and cold day

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