Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Norway, Rjukan - Lower Gorge

With Jo out of the battle Paul joined me and Stewart. To speed up and because of the cold we decided to go to Lower Gorge for a few single-pitches. We started earlier today and climbed all day non-stop, we manage four big climbs, amazing day. Paul deserved his Rjukan wings after leading a very long WI3 that took him a full hour non-stop, amazing effort. Tomorrow we go for some proper multi-pitch! Quite psyched. I am slowly getting tired and can feel my forearms complaining a bit of too much effort day in day out.. We still have 5 days to go so it will be challenging… Have doubts between do easier grades of have a full day rest and do a proper big one… knowing myself I know that at the end I will only stop in London or until I can physically not climb anymore LOL :-)

Paul warming up at Camillas Foss, WI3

Stew by the crux of Swiss Army, WI4

Stewart leading Swiss Army, WI4

Paul reaching the crux

The Three Moskuteers (?), WI4

Approaching the crux 

Paul following

The Three Muketeers

Paul fully committed to the long Lillebror, WI3

Today we did:
Camillas Foss, WI3 - Paul led, we followed

Swiss Army WI4 - Stewart led, we followed
Starts smoothly but the last bit gets steep. Because I was following I decided to go through the even steeper bit and had to rest on the final exit. Pumpy.. made me questioned if I am ready for a five… 

Three Musketeers (right of Swiss Army), WI4 - I led
I though this route was in the guide book but could not find it so I had to give it a name - although this is not a first ascent I am pretty much sure. It is the first waterfall to the right of Swiss Army. Started as a silly WI3 with a rotten sheer of ice and ended up on a very steep exit. When I saw the video my friends made of me having a go it just highlighted that I struggle really hard to finish mainly because of total lack of technique. I do not look comfortable at it, my legs are way to spread around every where and my waist is quite far out of the wall. Nice things to correct. Still a long way to go but feeling way more confident and not avoiding the spice bits anymore.

Lillebror, WI3 - Paul led, we followed
Huge climb, 55m, steep but because of the huge volume of people on it there were already plenty of steps and hooks available. Amazing effort from his part, full one hour to do the whole thing, he used all his 12 ice screws :-)

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