Sunday, 17 February 2013

Rjukan, Finito :-(

It has begin a busy week but all good things come to an end :-)
Because of the time we had to return car back there would be no way we could climb today but I cannot really complain. I do feel like needing a few days rests, body and mind quite tired. On these 7 days of climb we have done 20 lines, 28 pitches, from which I led 12. A full on week I must say! Sure, at the end of the day is not just about how hard or how much you climbed but making friends, living new places and experiences, and this we definitely did! Missing Vivi and being quiet for a while now...

Rob, Mike, Paul, Sue, Stewart and Me (missing Ben and Jo)

Log Book:

- Lysloypa, WI4 (3 pitches) - led pitch 1, Stew led 2 and 3

- Verdens Ende, WI5 - Stewart led 1st and 3th pitch. I did 2nd.

Krokan area
- Jonfrua, WI4 - Stewart led, I follow
- Kjokkentrappa, WI4 - led
- Two assholes and five nice bolts, M6 - top rope (fell in the last move)
- Gaustaspokelse, WI4 - Stewart led

Lower Gorge
- Hjemreinse, WI4 - led, went to the hard bit (WI5)
- Kursuta, WI3 - Stewart led

- To Menn go et Foster, WI4 (4 pitches) - follow 1st, led 2nd, bail..

- Camillas Foss, WI3 - Paul led, we followed
- Swiss Army WI4 - Stewart led, we followed
- Three Musketeers (right of Swiss Army), WI4 - I led
- Lillebror, WI3 - Paul led, we followed

- Tungtvann, WI4 (2 pitches) - led 1st (WI3) and follow 2nd pitch
- Vemorkbrufoss Ost, WI4 (2 pitches) - led 1st, follow 2nd
- Nedre Svingfoss, WI3 - led onsight

- Presangen, WI4 - follow Stewart
- Ozzimosis, WI4 - led
- Anakje, WI3 - follow Stewart
- Armeringsjernfossen, WI3 (3 pitches) - led 1st and 3th

Cool lines, dream and projects for the next time:
  • To Menn go et Foster, WI4 (4 pitches) - do all 4 pitchs 
  • Rjukanfossen (WI4), Upper Gorge - easy but beautiful
  • Nye Vemorkfoss, WI5 (Upper Gorge)
  • Juvsoyla, WI6 - my dream project

Rjukan and Norway Tips

- Local shops stop selling beer at 6pm, bring your own drinks because alcohol is quite pricy

- Hiring a car in Berg, Sweden would add a couple hours of driving but it is cheaper, plus you can buy food in Sweden which is also cheaper

- Some places would offer you free food and accommodation for a bit of work (cooking, cleaning)

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