Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cold feet?

The last few weeks before heading to Rjukan according to a few blog posts I've seen the thermometers there were hitting –25oC. Pretty much Arctic conditions if you ask me. I am quite prone to have cold feet and considering ice climbing we would not be doing a lot of walking I was very concerned about my how my toes would cope with such conditions. Actually I was concerned about my whole clothing system.

So before my trip I order myself a pair of Thinsulate insoles from 3M convincing they would help. My La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX boot's insoles are a real joke so in the worse case scenario just having a more cushioned insole would already be cool. If they could prevent my feet from getting cold even better. You can find a very comprehensive review of them here but overall I pretty much agree with the author. The insoles were really soft and made my boots way much more comfy (although I cannot really complain they were ever bad to use). In terms of insulation I can honestly say that they did help in making my feet getting cold too quick but once they are cold, they are cold. Period.

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