Saturday, 3 November 2012

AID Class #2

Second aid climbing training trip, once again to Bristol. This time Andy came along which was cool not only to boost moral but to sort of assure the partnership. I am fully committed to the plan and being able to pass a bit of what I know and learn a fair bit more together was very cool. Yosemite there we go!

Lessons learned:

#1 - If you clip your fifi directly to your piece make sure you won't be pulling it on a direction you are not supposed to or you risk ripping the gear out!

#2 - It is (even more) slower then you think…

#3 - When setting up a haul system you should hang your rack on your ascender to prevent it from keep coming back towards the hoist

#4 - According to the book: "when testing a piece you want to generate almost as 2x body weight on it to simulate a short fall"

Sunday we woke up under snow... Pretty soon all roads were flooded and we almost got stuck in Bristol. Crazy weather.