Saturday, 27 October 2012

AID Class #1

After delaying it for long I decided enough was enough and went on my own to Bristol for a bit of aid climbing practice. I've being alone in the mountains many times but it was actually the first time I was alone while hanging free in space and doing technical manoeuvres. I was very nervous but for sure that was one of my best experiences so far I am keen to do it again. The amount you learn just by having to rely solely on yourself is incredible.

I spent my day on a top-rope, using a shunt as a self-belay, just going up and down a rope, trying all my pieces and all possible manoeuvres I could came up with. The basic idea was go up on aid, abseil back, clean the pitch and haul the bag. I was lucky coz the crag faced the sun all afternoon.

Lessons learned:

#1 - Don't look to the piece while testing it.. We all know that, I know that but I still did it and the cam popped on my face and opened my lip :-)

#2 - It is slower then you think…