Wednesday, 7 December 2011

BCC Christmas Party

Went to my first ever BCC meeting! Shame I know, but better late then never. John arranged a projector displaying the best climbing pictures taken during the yearand there was even a BCC Golden Carabiner Award which was transfered from Stephen to Alex for his amazing skills in choosing always the dodgiest times and places to try hard climbs. Great fun indeed!

After couple years just joining BCC for Scottish tours, 2011 was actually the first year that I finally had proper weekends and started to be a more active member - I even payed the fee, iei! It was great to see familiar (and new) faces and have a laught over great food and cold pints. Viviane went for the first time and now I will try to push her to do more running so she wont suffer that much in February.

This been a very nice week so far. Almost 4 weeks after having coming back from Brazil I finally put myself in the right frame of mind to start training hard again. I have been climbing since them but not seriously as I was before. With the ice hitting the door I am trying to get as fit as possible for this season and the upcoming alpine summer. Job wise, I keep with this constant feeling of being dumb as fuck. Today I mainly spent my day reading, reading, reading.... long walk over wee steps :)

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