Monday, 11 April 2011

Some lateral thinking on how to choose a good hosting for your company site

First of all you can check if the company's IP is not in the IP address black list on Get the provider's IP and traceroute it. Check how many hops are between you and them. A big/good size company should not use more than 9-16 systems between you and then. Google recommends that your system should be geographically hosted at the same country you are offering the service, but you don't need to be that strict. Just make sure you are not paying some small dodgy company which will later require you to move to a quicker, more straightforward server.

I am in UK so to have a global viewing of the thing I would also go online to and to a online traceroute from their US site, so I can make sure how many hops would be between me and a PC in the US.

What services do they offer? If the company offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) chances are that they are indeed a big company. Most providers would only offer something like a dedicated server but VPS involves a lot of work and machine power and even thought you are not buying it, it assures you that you are dealing with a big company.

The rest you can find online, stuff like comparing prices and advantages, and some less out of the box ideas.

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