Sunday, 19 July 2009

O rodo cotidiano

This was taken on my last day at Wimbledon's Giraffe. Finally I decided to take my camera to registrate a few pictures of my giraffe family. Only God know how many great moments I had with this guys - a few shit ones as well coz not everything is just party - but.. oh.. miss you people.
Bons tempos que não mais hão de voltar.

Monika! Zaibish!

Mirror mirror mine, is there better coffee then mine? 50h a week and you do a coffee like this very easy :)
Irina, probably very pissed trying to understand the ticket ahuahauahuaha!

Mocre Kuopt
Cris, burf! Miss our fights!
No, it's not John Lennon, it's my friend Dan! At the back we have giant Greg my boss and super head-chef Robert!

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