Sunday, 1 February 2009

Camino Del Rei, Via Ferrata

This is the via ferra wich gives access to the Gorge. They call "Gorge" this long, steep and narrow canyon whose waters were used to produce energy many years ago. All the valley is still used as a main source of energy production, both hydraulic and eolic. Very cool. Via ferrata is basically a long wire bolted on the wall to increase security while walking around. As you advance you go clipping yourself on the next section of the wire so in case you (or the sidewalk) fall, you (might) be held by the wire. The old catwalk, made to make it faster for workers to get to the old power station, is now rot and a lot of the floor has gone remaining only the structure. The iron seens old and rusty, and many of those bolts seens a little bit dodgy but is all right :) The walk is just breath taking and really worth the sweat. After you get to the end of the first Gorge, you get to a beautifull valey from where you can still walk more 15 munites to get to the second Gorge, this one is unboltd but gives access to the place where it used to exist the power station. Starting from lot's of rocks ou can see crayse and cold climbing lines.

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